One Island Band's registration is open from band launch until items are sold out. Otherwise, the cut-o? date for registration will be 3 weeks before the date of the carnival.
All major Credit and Visa Debit cards are acceptable for online payments. Payment may be made in full or by paying a deposit on registration and making balance payments to complete your order. IMPORTANT – PLEASE NOTE YOU WILL NEED TO PAY YOUR COSTUME BALANCE 3 weeks before the date of the carnival if the deposit option is chosen. Allocated costumes will be sold, and deposit forfeited if balances are not paid on time. Always register via our website to ensure registration is valid.
No. One Island Band does not o?er refunds. Costumes are custom made to your measurements provided, therefore a customized item.
For registration, you will need the following size information. Bra Size (34A, B, C), Belt Size (in inches), waist/Bottom Piece Size (S, M, L) .T-Shirt size Men: Waist Size (in inches) Female & Male: T Shirt Size (XS- XXXXL
The costumes may have di?erent additional options. Costumes may come with options for larger headpieces, collars, and other embellishments at an additional cost. If these options are available, they will be detailed on the registration page and in the section photo galleries, along with the cost attached.
One Island Band does not maintain a waiting list; however, there are exceedingly rare instances where a masquerader may cancel their order and notify us. Please email us @ oneislandband@gmail.com and we will try our best to get you a costume however we cannot make any promises.
One Island Band does not facilitate costume transfers. Please ensure you receive a letter from the original costume owner authorizing you to collect on their behalf. This letter must be accompanied by a copy of the original owner’s ID.
Yes, you will only be given a costume with ID of the owner as named on our system during registration/purchase Online.
Yes. You must provide the person collecting with a signed letter authorizing them to collect the costume on your behalf. The letter must be accompanied with a copy of your ID. This can also be noted on your account
The costume distribution schedule will be emailed to all masqueraders, posted on our website and social media platforms. The final date of costume distribution is Carnival Saturday, after which all uncollected costumes are no longer available.
You will receive your full costume as per your order, a One Island Band Goody Bag filled with carnival essentials & Necessary Wristbands. PLEASE NOTE: Your costume is not complete without your wristbands & Cups. Masqueraders not wearing full costume of the section registered in and their wristbands will be removed from the band and failure to walk with your cup means you will be unable to obtain drinks (no excuses)
Please send any comments to oneislandband@gmail.com or anyone via our contact page.
One Island Band's all-inclusive package includes beverage refreshments, meals, snacks, security, music truck, all-star international DJ cast as well as surprise guest artist’s, on-site first aiders, and of course, your costume. Free J’ouvert Access, Discounted rates on all our weeks 5 Star Events & Bus ride. Additional Hotel Discounted rate, Free Appreciation Party on Monday after carnival.
Wake up Miami Friday/Sunset Miami Mon
We strongly encourage our masqueraders to wear their full costume on Carnival day to ensure easy recognition by our Security Team.
No. One island Band does not allow masqueraders to design their own costumes. You MUST wear your full One Island Band's costume together with wristbands in order to be within Band. Any person with only one or the other will be escorted out of the band by our security personnel.
One Island Band only allows paying masqueraders to jump in the band. Non-masqueraders may observe from the side-lines outside the band; however, they will not be allowed to participate. Any person attempting to jump in the band without the proper credentials will be escorted out the band by one Island’s Security & Marshalls
The starting point will be on your checklist along with our bands # of appearance in the parade lineup so be sure to read your checklist for specific location (This will be available at costume distribution)
The start time will be confirmed in your checklist (This will be available at costume distribution)