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One Island Bodypaint Band-Miami Broward Carnival
The Ultimate 5 Star Experience!

Our 2018, Miami 1 Carnival Presentations is Ice Cream: A Carnival Sunday

Ice Cream, A Carnival Sundae: One Island Band believes in creating beautiful environments that foster interaction and connections, providing fun, multi-sensorial expressions that cater to the appetites of our generations. A dedicated team of designers, and producers has come together for an exceptional Carnival installation inspired by ice cream Sundae’s. We believe that ice cream Sundae’s is a universal symbol of joy, a personal pleasure, and a transportive vehicle for anyone’s imagination. Ice Cream Sundaes are guaranteed crowd-pleasers. One Island Band 2018 presentation pays homage to this tasty treat through Costumes, music and art and we invite you to come join us as we create a sticky celebration on an Ice Cream Carnival Sundae.

About us

Staunch in our position to provide the best experience of Caribbean culture through our promotional efforts, in October 2006 with our premier presentation of BIG MONEY BODY PAINT, Big & Strong Promotions launched the One Island Body Paint band for Miami Carnival; a celebration of Caribbean culture through a parade of the bands on the streets of Miami/Dade County. Being such a huge success we have grown into one of the largest bands Miami/Broward Carnival has to offer. We continue to grow and remain an undeniable testament of South Florida\'s carnival festivities as well as a remarkable addition to all Big & Strong Promotions has to offer.

Contact us

  • Rolando: 718-812-8323
  • Rodney: 646-382-6110
  • Rudy: 917-570-8654