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One Island Body Paint Band:

Chinese culture, a great work of art. For many years the Han Dynasty's clothing retained its simple, but elegant style. Large drapey sleeves on the upper garments were worn to improve the look or provide comfort. Yellow was the choice of color for the autumn months and of their Yellow Emperor. Lace characterized the elegance of this dynasty and added to the elegance of the time period. Our costume portrays the color, design, and shapes of the Han Dynasty with the use of yellow for the fall, lace for elegance and Large drapey sleeves to add to its style.

Han: Yuan Lu  COST:$ 700.00

Wire Bra with neck piece Sizes - A, B, C only, Thong, Body piece, Large Feathered Leg Pieces, Tiara

A la Carte Add On

Monokini $0.00
Regular Panty $5.00
Jeweled Crown $55.00
High Waist Panty $25.00
Boy Shorts $15.00

2019 Package includes

  • 2 days of carnival
    (Jouvert Free)
  • Hot Food
    (Both Days )
  • Premium Drinks
    (Both Days)
  • Memorabilia Cup & Bag
  • FREE Appreciation Party
    (Monday After Carnival)
  • Wristband for park entry
    (Both Days )

Customization and Final Payments

FINAL PAYMENTS: All costumes must be paid in full no later than Sept 21st 2019 in order to start distribution by Sept 24th 2019 , Failure to pay for your costume in full will result in you not being guaranteed to get your costume (absolutely no payments will be accepted in the Miami at the time of distribution)

Han Photo Gallery