One Island Body Paint Band:

SweeTart Swirl: Every obsession-worthy creation has a sweet flavor with a tart edge that’s like a tasty jolt that grabs hold of your senses and shakes them up-reminding you that amazing things happen when you jump into your passions with full-tilt glee. This is how One Island Band sprinkles fun into your carnival life, we’re crazy passionate about creating elegant tasteful fun costumes for our masqueraders. SweeTart Swirl costume presentation translates to SWEET ART. So, we hope you enjoy One island Bands 2018 section.

SweeTart Swirl: Female Backline  COST:$ 400.00

Jeweled Tiara, Feathered Collar, Jeweled Bra, Jeweled Waistband , Bikini Bottom, 1 Pair Bangles, 1 Pair Leg Pieces. Headpiece show in photo available as an Ala carte option for an additional fee.

A la Carte Options

Medium Feathered Headpiece $60.00
Boy Shorts $20.00
High Waist $30.00
Wire Bra $50.00
Whole Piece $35.00
Monokini $50.00

2018 Package includes

  • 2 days of carnival
    (Jouvert Free)
  • Hot Food
    (Both Days )
  • Premium Drinks
    (Both Days)
  • Memorabilia Cup & Bag
  • FREE Appreciation Party
    (Monday After Carnival)
  • Wristband for park entry
    (Both Days )

Customization and Final Payments

JULY 22nd 2018 is the last day for customize order, this will be strictly enforce!!!!
FINAL PAYMENTS: All costumes must be paid in full no later than Sept 15th 2018 in order to start distribution by Sept 24th 2018 , Failure to pay for your costume in full will result in you not being guaranteed to get your costume (absolutely no payments will be accepted in the Miami at the time of distribution)

Sold Out

Sold Out

SweeTart Swirl Photo Gallery

male_front_n_backline.jpgbackline_highwaist_.jpgbackline_wire_bra_n_highwaist.jpgFL Rear View.jpgfemale_frontline2.jpgbackline_highwaist_ii.jpgFrontline Boy Shorts Rear View.jpgfrontline_highwaist_n_wire_bra.jpgbackline_with_headpiece_upgrade.jpgmale_n_female_frontline.jpgBack Line Rear View.jpgbackline_boyshorts.jpgMale Rear View.jpgbackline_monokini.jpgmale_backline.jpgwhole_group.jpgBoy Shorts Back View.jpgFrontline Wholesuit rear.jpgbackline_whole_piece.jpgbackline_boy_shorts_iii.jpgfemale_frontline.jpgbackline_highwaist_iii.jpgHigh Wais Rear View.jpgfrontline_whole_piece.jpgbackline_wirebra_n_highwaist_iii.jpgfrontline_monokini.jpgbackline_standard.jpgwhole_group_ii.jpgBackline Whole suit rearview.jpgbackline_wirebra_n_highwaist_ii.jpgbackline_boy_shorts_ii.jpgmale_frontline.jpgbackline_whole_piece_with_tiara.jpgBackline Monokini Rear View.jpgfrontline_boy_shorts.jpg