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One Island Body Paint Band:

CZ production presents the Yuan Dynasty which was diverse in culture as it was China’s 1st foreign-led dynasty. It was the first to use paper money as the main currency and its rise to power was based on the silk trades. The Yuan Dynasty was known to live extravagantly and have a joyous time that included a lot of action, music, feast, and parties. And what better way can we represent this Dynasty? The carnival way that’s how, showcasing our adaptation of the Yuan Dynasty in modern time with our re-vamped attire, pulsating music, delectable cuisines, and joyous festivities!

Yuan: Emperor  COST:$ 425.00

Includes: Headband-2- Arm Pieces-2-Leg Pieces-1-Belt-1-Shorts-1-Neck Collar

A la Carte Add On

2019 Package includes

  • 2 days of carnival
    (Jouvert Free)
  • Hot Food
    (Both Days )
  • Premium Drinks
    (Both Days)
  • Memorabilia Cup & Bag
  • FREE Appreciation Party
    (Monday After Carnival)
  • Wristband for park entry
    (Both Days )

Customization and Final Payments

FINAL PAYMENTS: All costumes must be paid in full no later than Sept 21st 2019 in order to start distribution by Sept 24th 2019 , Failure to pay for your costume in full will result in you not being guaranteed to get your costume (absolutely no payments will be accepted in the Miami at the time of distribution)

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